General Questions

Ellegant credit limited i s a micro-lending institution with mission to empower customers with credit facilities and develop products that meets their needs.

We are located at Kasarani next to Naivas supermarket,LONAK BUSINESS CENTRE ROOM NO.14B

One can use logbook,title deed or certificate of shares trading in NSE market.

Client Query

No registration to join, no membership fees but have must be over 18 years,stable source of income,and able to borrow wisely and pay promptly.

We dont have the minimum or maximum to borrow but depends on customer needs Visas security provided and ability to pay.

We dont have a fixed interest rate but we price the risk-The higher the risk the higher the interest and vice versa.

No savings is required for one to borrow.

Technical Questions

Our turn round time-TOT ranges between 4 hours -12 hours depending on customer rate of fulfilling requirements.

One repayment period is designed to suit customer's ability to service the loan at ease.

Yes we do fiance companies provided it meet all set up terms and conditions.

No account needed but a statement from your personal/company account.